Fabric for Amy Butler Patchwork Throw

So, I have decided to make my first quilt. In typical Ellie fashion I will not be starting with a simple set of blocks – of course. However, in my defense, it is a throw and not a king sized comforter! I have slowly started buying up fabric to make the Patchwork Throw that happens to be the very first project in Amy Butler’s In Stitches. The pattern suggests using home dec weight fabric to give it a sturdier feel, but I just do think I can do that with the cost of home dec fabric! I’ll be honest, just choosing to make something like this with one of Amy’s lines makes it so easy because you know all the colors are going to go together…so I have chosen Amy’s Belle Collection in Full Bloom. One of the reasons I chose this was because I already had a yard of fabric from this collection so I thought, I might as well start there! It really has a lot of great colros that I don’t know if I would normally get, so I’m very excited. So far I have three different pieces of fabric (one that I purchased a while back and one that is on it’s way to me right now!)


spruce-frenchwallpaperSpruce/French Wallpaper


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