I know, I’ve been a total blogging slacker lately. And I hate to say it, but blogging hasn’t really been on my mind – it’s been filled up by lots of other things. I am hoping that soon I will get a better grasp on my new schedule, but until then, I think I might be a little hit and miss in the blogging world!

Although I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write a coherent post, that hasn’t stopped my from swiping my imaginary paypal credit card over at etsy! So I thought I’d take some time over the next few days to share some of the items I’ve been purchasing!

lingerie-elasticI have a list of projects (well, in my head at least) that I need to be working on. I am almost finished with the bathrobe that I started months ago and put away because I was disapointed when I realized I had made it a million sizes too small! I’m just finishing up the lower ruffle and then I need to d a little top stitching and it will be finished! (BTW if you happen to need any amount of pink flannel scraps, I may be able to help you!).

Anyway, one of the projects on my list is to take some of my old graphic tees that I still really like but just don’t fit anymore and turn them into really cute fun underwear! One thing I knew I would need would be some elastic…I thought about using FOE, but then I found this fun lingerie elastic on etsy and had to go for it…$4 for 10 yards – I think so! You can check out more sewing notions from Deranged Designs 916 here.


4 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. Yeah, me neither. I have a bunch of friends having babies this summer, so if you want any of those pink flannel scraps taken off your hands, I would be glad to help. 🙂

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