Christmas with the Shines

dad - christmasWhat a fun time we had with my family. We returned from Chicago very late on Christmas Day (well actually very early on the 26th). We slept in and then headed out to Marble Falls to have “Christmas” with my family. We ate yummy food and my parents totally spoiled us with fun gifts! Jeremy had already purchased a couple gifts for me before buying my sewing machine so I got got a mini food processor, a new Amy Butler pattern (gumdrop pillows), and the best gift ever – Cranium WOW! We played it that night with my family and we laughed so hard! We actually played it again on Saturday night with some friends and it was just as fun! Jeremy and I spent the night in Marble Falls and had a very relaxing Saturday together. Vacation is over, but it was so great while it lasted!


3 thoughts on “Christmas with the Shines

  1. What a fun time Mike and I missed. Thank you for the sensing some of your fun and excitment through email. Am so glad you all have the treasure of this Christmas together. They are priceless!

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