Chicago – Day 2 (waiting on the 22)


Day 2 has been pretty awesome! We slept in a little and made ourselves a wonderful breakfast from the food we had purchased the day before at Whole Foods. We had a relaxing morning and then walked our way to Gino’s Pizza to meet Stan and Lindsey for some wonderful Chicago style deep dish pizza!

Lincoln Park ZooNext we bundled up and headed out into the cold for an adventure on our way to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We spent quite a bit of time trying to get our bus passes and then get to the correct bus stop and then waiting for the correct bus, etc…Then we got off the bus a couple blocks too early and trudged through the snow to get to the zoo. Luckily the zoo had a cafe and we all got cups of coffee to take with us as we walked through the indoor exhibits.

Wrigley FieldWe had considered heading over to the Chicago History Museum but by that time it was starting to get late and we weren’t sure we had enough time to make the admission cost worth it (maybe another day). However, Jeremy and Lindsey really wanted to see Wrigley Field, so we made a valiant and eventually successful effort to get there on the bus! In the picture we’re standing on a huge pile of snow in front of the field. We did a much better job of getting back on the train than our previous two bus experiences!

Garrett Ripley's 1We had planned to go to a British gastro pub for dinner that night, Garret Ripley’s, barely a block from our apartment. However, they were having a private party there until 7, so we went back to the apartment for a snack before returning for our dinner. It was worth the wait. The atmosphere was really great. It was a small pub but we enjoyed the environment very much. Our food was great and really not very expensive! I had the grilled salmon with a blue cheese and pine nut crust with risottoo and grilled vegetables!  Garrett Ripleys 2It was so great! The grilled vegetables were especially impressive (I always think it’s a good sign when a restaurant has high quality produce). Jeremy and Lindsey both had the grilled cheese with cheddar, Parmesan, bacon, and fresh peach chutney – that was so good! Melt in your mouth and the chutney tasted so good with it! Stan got a bbq sandwich, but I didn’t try it so I don’t know how great it was, but he really enjoyed it! Obviously, Lindsey and I shared a bottle of wine and the boys drank their Stellas. A great end to such a fun day!


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