My Second Weekender Bag!

weekender-bag1That’s right! I made a second Amy Butler Weekender bag! Was it easier the second time around? Yes and no. I certainly felt more confident with the pattern this time, but there were a couple of times when it definitely felt more difficult. I had started purchasing this fabric months ago, just a yard at a time until I had all the fabric and supplies that I needed. I was sewing this in secret for my friend Beth for her birthday! I gave it to her last Saturday at her surprise party! 2-weekender-bags1Some thoughts this time around? This time I used home dec weight fabric on both the exterior and the lining (on my previous bag I had only used this heavier fabric on the exterior). I certainly think that it worked fine the first time and I don’t necessarily think that the heavier fabric for the lining was necessary (but it’s just so pretty!). I think the main reason this bag proved to be a little more difficult was the stabilizer. On my first bag, since I couldn’t find the timetex I used a heavy weight stabilizer. This time I went ahead and used Peltex 70 which is an even heavier stabilizer. This certainly added more shape to the bag, but it made it much thicker! I made the handles thicker this time than I did last time and used a light weight batting to make them padded instead of using the stabilizer. weekender-bag-sideI had every intention of making them longer as well (because I think it would really help), but when I went to sew it I realized I had forgotten to cut them out longer! Oh well…next time. Another difference from my first bag was the false bottom. I couldn’t find the template plastic the first time around and had my dad make me a hard core aluminum false bottom. I did find the template plastic this time, and although nothing like the aluminum piece in mine, I think it works perfectly fine!  weekender-bag-interior-pocketAnother item I was super excited about were the interior pockets! I was looking through a sewing magazine at a dress that had a big pleat in the front and it gave me the idea for the interior pockets. They are both pleated – one is small and the other is large. Anyway, I thought they were very exciting! So the second bag is completed – in much less time than the first. Will I be making another one? Yes, I definitely think I will! I love this pattern, it takes a lot of work and fabric, but the end result is so satisfying!

Oh, and I didn’t want to forget – the fabric I used for this was Amy Butler’s new August Fields line. The exterior is dream poppies in forest and the interior is fresh start in seafoam. There are more pictures available on flickr!


4 thoughts on “My Second Weekender Bag!

  1. Way to conquer it again!! I think it turned out fantastic…maybe I will be ready to borrow the pattern after the new year. I think we all have patterns that the others want to use…we should try swapping patterns for a month and working on those projects at our sewing day!

  2. Thank you Ellie for being such a wonderful friend! Beth LOVES the bag and knows how much work you put into it. The party was simply amazing and there’s no way it could have been without you. Heck, the idea even came from you. You are truly a blessing in our lives!

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