Chicago – Day 1

Wake up at 4:15 AM
Take a plane very early in the morning…making our way from Austin, to Houston, and finally to Chicago…
Take the train and a bus to the condo we’re staying at…

Jeremy - train

Ellie - train

Go to Whole Foods to get some lunch and some groceries
Play in the snow on our balcony…Jeremy hasn’t been around a lot of snow (those that know me well, know I don’t really like snow…or being cold)
Jeremy - snow 1 Jeremy - snow 2 Jeremy - snow 3

Go meet Stan and Lindsey at Argo Tea (Stan and Lindsey are friends that used to live in Austin, but now live in San Antonio and they just happened to be in Chicago the same time we were! We’re hanging out with them again tomorrow!) By the way, I loved this Argo Tea place…I want to open a franchise in Austin!

Argo Tea

Next we walked a couple of blocks to Washington Park, where more playing in the snow took place.

Jeremy and Ellie in snow

Ellie and Lindsey in snow

In fact I even played in the snow! More than anyone else – but that was because I was the only one wear appropriate footwear – that’s right, Taylor University prepared me for something!

Playing in the snow Ellie and the lampost


3 thoughts on “Chicago – Day 1

  1. Looks like so much fun (although I agree, I’m not much of a cold/snow person either)! I was thinking about you guys this morning hoping you got there alright. Have so much fun! Can’t wait to read about your next couple of fun days there!

  2. I just love it that you’re sending pictures and tracking your trip! You and Jeremy look great! I watched a little bit of our 1987 and 88 Christmas videos today in between baking
    – ya’ll are so sweet … such great memories God has given us … you and Michael and Jeremy have encouraged our hearts!!!!!

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