Thanksgiving Centerpieces

fall centerpiece1I saw these fall centerpieces when I received an e-mail from right before Thanksgiving. I immediately decided that I wanted to try to make something like this for Thanksgiving as well. Such an inexpensive centerpiece – dried beans (oh, and I used some popcorn kernels as well). And the best part is that now that the Thanksgiving season is over, I can just rebag them and then use them to make soup! Except for the popcorn kernels…I don’t think that would make great soup. fall centerpiece 2 Of course my favorite were the little bud vases, which also happened to be in the epicurious picture! They are so cute and happy! I probably use them the most of all my vases! Sometimes I would just go cut some oregano from my patio and put it in those little vases all over our house (my oregano this year was out of control – I had to do something with it!). fall centerpiece 3Sadly, now fall is over, but these vases are still sitting on my kitchen table staring in at the Christmas tree and wondering at their fate! I know I need to take them down, but honestly this has been somewhat of a crazy week! I take my final tomorrow and then I’m done with school for a whole month! However, finishing off this week may be a little rough – I’m a little ready for it to be over. I have a Christmas party tonight that I’m debating about going to, a Christmas party tomorrow night that I need to make a small dessert for, a birthday party on Saturday night that I need to make food for, two sewing projects to finish, a house that desperately needs cleaning and we leave for Chicago very early a week from tomorrow! Deep breaths….ok, it’s all going to work out…just one day at time. Now I just need to get off this blog and go do some work!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Centerpieces

  1. The centerpieces are so cute! And yay for being done with school for a month! You’ve only got a couple more days to make it through the week – you can do it!

  2. I loved the dried beans idea — that is what we used for our wedding for some of the tables in the Cafe area — little vases with split peas in them and little votive candles. So fun!! I wanna know what kind of soups you are going to make!!

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