Thanksgiving Day

meandmomI know I’ve been posting a lot about the food from Thanksgiving, but we also had a great time together as a family! We actually didn’t celebrate until Saturday since my brother had to work on Thursday and Friday. So up I got on Saturday morning and Jeremy headed off to work while I went to the kitchen to start cooking! Michael came by a little later to hang out and help me do some of the prep work. Turkey CarvingMy parents came and dropped off the turkey for Michael to oversee in the grille while they went to Ikea. Finally, Jeremy came home from work and parents came home from Ikea and we finished dinner preparation before sitting down to a wonderful meal (if I do say so myself!) To the right is a picture of the guys being manly and carving the turkey! Later that night we brought out the Rock Band so my parents could play! So much fun! Here are some fun pics!

Mom concentrating very hard while Michael makes a valient effort to get her to get into it!


more Mom on the Rock Band

me-rock band
Me – showing everyone how it’s donedad-rockband

Dad – first try!

More pics on flickr!


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