Thanksgiving Preparations

It’s Thanksgiving week! I do enjoy the autumn time of the year and it has just started to begin to cool off here in Austin. This year for Thanksgiving my family will be coming over to our house to eat our “Thanksgiving dinner” (since Michael has to work on Thanksgiving). Anyway, since it’s at our house, I’ve been busy trying to plan the menu. My parents are bringing the turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and an apple pie, and I will be taking on the rest! I’m excited about it but at the same time a little overwhelmed, luckily I am a list maker and lists have been made and I feel my plan is in place! Last night I went to the grocery story to buy my Thanksgiving food items (of course I stopped at Starbucks first to get a Carmel Apple Spice to get my in the holiday mood!). So here’s what I’m planning:


  • Egg Nog (purchased at the store – I’m not sure I’d drink if I had to make it)
  • Apple Cider (recipe from Better Homes and Gardens which I could not easily locate on their site)
  • Wine (picked up a local wine while at HEB)


  • Smokies in Crescent Rolls (just wrapping some smokies in crescent rolls and baking them, not very fancy, but everyone loves them!)
  • Easy Pumpkin Turnovers (I’ve never made these but they sound good and festive!)
  •  Baked Brie en Croûte with Apple Compote I got this recipe off of the Williams-Sonoma website. It looks like they have a lot of good recipes on there and this one doesn’t require that you purchase anything from their store! It sounds so good! And when I was at the store last night there was a lady letting us sample the brie and it was so yummy! Just imagine that melted and with apple and puff pastry!

Main Course:

  • Turkey (Mom)
  • Gravy (Mom)
  • Cranberry Sauce (Mom)
  • Green Bean Casserole (holiday classic. We always use fresh green beans, it just tastes better that way!)
  • Two Potato Gratin (This link is not to the exact recipe I will be using. Last year I went to a couple of the free cooking demonstrations at Williams-Sonoma and the this was one of the recipes they gave out. The one I have uses both russet and sweet potatoes as well as two kinds of cheese – gruyere and manchego (or a viariation of these) It was really tasty and Jeremy asked me to make it again this year.
  • Stuffing (My family loves the Pepperidge Farms cubed stuffings so that’s what we make every year. We also add some celery and onions to it)
  • Make-Ahead Butterhorns (This is a recipe my mom has made for years, and this year, I’m going to try to make it! They are really tasty and the best part is I can prepare them in advance and freeze them and then bake them the day I need them!)


  • Apple Pie with Cream Cheese Center (My mom made this last year and it was incredible! Maybe I can get the recipe from her this year and share it with you! She’ll be bringing this!)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Jeremy asked for this as I was making my list last night, so I’ll be throwing a pumpkin pie together this week as well. I went ahead and bought the pie crust though; I’m not going to stress myself out and add make a pie crust this week!)

So that’s the plan! What to start working on before hand?

  • Make the butterhorns and put them in the freezer
  • Make the Brie en Croute and put it in the freezer
  • Make the pie
  • Prep the beans and potatoes

Lots to do, but I’m pretty excited about it! Bummer I have to do school work this week too 😦 Jeremy and I still want to paint before Saturday and I’d love to get some sewing in! I’ll report back next week with pictures!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Preparations

  1. What a plan! Way to go – it sounds like it will be an amazing Thanksgiving!

    Maybe someday, I’ll actually get to cook for Thanksgiving. . .

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