I heart Target

target-sweaterContinueing on with Thursday’s shopping update. I went to Target to see if I could find some long sleeves shirts or perhaps some other cold weather attire. I was honestly a little surprised at the small amount of long sleeve shirts that I found and I didn’t end up purchasing any. However, as I rumaged through the sales rack I found this little sweater! Originally $22.99. The website shows that it’s on sale for $18.39, but I definately purchased it yesterday for $5 and some change! It’s the only thing I bought for myself while there, but it was totally worth it! Disapointed by the lack of long sleeve ts I stopped by Old Navy and picked one up in black and one in white (v-neck and scoop neck respectively). There where $10/each and I know they will go on sale eventually with the buy 2 for whatever price, but I really needed to get something to keep warm when I’m huddled up in the office drinking tea by myself (I can only wear the same hoodie every day for so long!). This concludes my Thursday shopping. I did, however come home with three different shopping bags and Jeremy was a little concerned, but when your wife buys shoes for $11 and a sweater for $5, how can you complain!?


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