gray-bootsLast night after work I stopped at a couple stores to go shopping. I knew the cold front was moving and I had relatively few things to wear! Most of my long sleeves shirts are a little too snug to fit right now (sad) and after wearing flip flops most of the year, my little feet were starting to get cold. I had planned on posting a picture of the cute little shoes I actually bought last night, but alas, I could not find a picture of them on the Payless website! Yes, I buy my shoes at Payless, not because I don’t appreciate the more expensive shoes – I really, really do – but I just can’t bring myself to spend money on them. I bought a pair of flat canvas shoes that are black and white with little hearts on them and even a small zipper. A little young, but comfortable for me to wear with jeans and I think they are fun! And they were only $11 so that was exciting. I did not actually purchase the boots pictured on the left. I did try them on and am thinking about getting them. I’ll wait until our plane tickets are purchased for the Chicago trip and then decide if I want to get them – they were very cozy!


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