Starbucks Copy Cat Coffee Cake

Well, Tuesday has come and gone again this week and again I have made a baked good to take with me to our Tuesday morning staff meeting. I didn’t have my camera with me on Tuesday and now I have left the cake at work to be finished off…so once again I’m a slacker blogger with no picture – oh well. Anyway when I find recipes online I just save them in my Google documents. I’m normally pretty good about saving the url or the blog address to the recipe with the recipe so if I blog about it I can reference it…I forgot to do that with this. But I searched my blog roll and I think I found the original recipe, although I think it may have been updated since I had copied it because there were a couple things that have been fixed that weren’t so clear in the copy of the recipe that I had.

Just like the blogger that I got this recipe from, I have never eaten coffee cake at Starbucks either, but I like their Cranberry Orange Scone so I figured I would probably like their coffee cake. This recipe is quite good and it is super easy to make.

Check out the recipe for Starbucks Copy Cat Coffee Cake and have it with a nice big glass of milk (or coffee, I guess!)


3 thoughts on “Starbucks Copy Cat Coffee Cake

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