My little Genie

genie1I’m pretty sure that a long time ago I had mentioned that someday I would talk about my little sewing machine. I have decided that today is that day. The picture is a little dark, I took the shot impulsively while doing something else, but there she is in all her glory! Now you have to admit, your machine is not as cool and unique as this one! I do love it! I found her at a garage sale when I was in high school for $50 and asked my parents to by it for my birthday that year. They did and then I didn’t sew on it for another 5 years or so! But I’m so glad I have my little Genie. I don’t always hear great things about Singers now days, but I always hear great things about the older models, which this one clearly is. She doesn’t do much, but what she does do, she does well. The only really problem is that the bobbin winder no longer works and they don’t make the part anymore, but I have a separate little machine to wind my bobbins now and that works just fine. My favorite part? The flowers! I know someday I’ll probably move on to a new machine, but I think I will always keep this one. Part of my really hopes that one day I’ll have a daughter who wants to sew and this will be the machine she’ll learn on! Oh dreams, sigh…all in due time! When I look for this machine online, I normally find people have purchased it as a vintage machine but they don’t actually sew on it, which makes me feel a little silly. One woman mentioned how it was her first machine that she got in the 1st grade! Oh well, it makes me happy to look at and sews perfectly fine for me! What kind of machine do you have?

3 thoughts on “My little Genie

  1. I love your little sewing machine…every time you bring it over to sew it makes me smile!!

    I have a Singer…but don’t remember which model…and am unwilling to get off my butt from in front of the computer to go find out right now…LOL

  2. I love the retro flowers on your machine! You definitely don’t see anything that cool on machines these days!

    Janome Harmony 8080 which apparently was only made for Sears years ago and doesn’t exist any longer! I can’t complain though, it is a trooper (even if I have to take it apart every now and again to make it continue working).

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