Ghirardelli’s Wish Star Chocolate Cookie

wish-starOnce again, I must say this month’s issue of Gourmet is quite wonderful. They always have adds for different food items (two that I noticed this month were Ghirardelli’s chocolate and McCormick spices), anyway they have these adds that feature recipes with their products. This month had a two page spread with two recipes for Ghirardelli chocolate! I made the first one, the Wish Star Chocolate Cookie. Ghirardelli has partnered with Make a Wish Foundation and created this special cookie. chocolateSadly, I had some issues with the dipping into the chocolate part. Something happened when melting my chocolate chips and it turned out to be more like really good frosting instead of being something that I could dip the cookies into, however I still think it’s fine. These cookies are not very sweet. They are really a chocolate shortbread dipped in chocolate. They kind of remind me of a soft biscotti. I think they would be great with coffee, tea, or even a nice glass of milk. I am happy with them and would probably make them again and serve them with coffee.  


2 thoughts on “Ghirardelli’s Wish Star Chocolate Cookie

  1. That sounds delicious – I always get hung up on this recipe but I’ve had such bad experiences dipping cookies in chocolate that I tend to stay away. If it gets to frosting consistency, I think that means that it has ‘seized’, which means some water got in while it was melting, either that or it got too hot. I’ve added shortening or butter to help thin out the chocolate coating in the past (like for the Thin Mints I’ve made). . .

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