Baby Shower Gifts!

campbox1 I went to a baby shower on Saturday in anticipation of the arrival of Camp Box! We have been so excited for Jake and Krista and I was so pleased to try out my new plan to make something personal to give as a gift! So I made two burp cloths out of scraps of fabric and got some terry cloth on sale. I also bought two onesies and ‘decorated’ them! I don’t even know what it’s called but I got a paper from the interfacing section that is fusible on both sides. So I just fused a piece to the fabric and then I traced out my designs, cut them out and then fused them onto the onesies! It was so easy! campbox2I machine stitched around the edges of the tie and the 08 and then I hand stitched around the dog and the other lettering – it was just a little small for me to feel comfortable doing it with my machine. So, one of the onesies has a golden retriever on the front (because that’s the kind of dog they have) and the back says Camp and below that the numbers 08 (because I’m pretty sure that’s the year he’ll be born – he’s due in mid December and we’re hoping he stays in there until then!). The other one has a tie on the front and the back just says Box. The tie was an idea I had seen on Etsy a while back and I thought it was so cute! And it was so easy! I think this is a great gift idea. It was really quick, with the exception of the handstitiching, but I just did that while watching tv. I was very pleased with how these turned out!

Also, I wanted to point that Beth made some amazing items for the shower! You have to go check them out! She made bibs and blocks, ab awesine diaper bag, a baby sling, and a diaper changing pad

Krista – we’re so excited for you and we’re praying for you lots!


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gifts!

  1. I have no idea how I ended up with two such crafty friends! But I am so thankful! I love the onesies and burp clothes! They are way too cute and I can’t wait to use them. Thanks so much friend! You and Beth made that day so special!

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