Generation Me

I have not really been in a ‘reading mood’ lately. I have no idea why, I normally am! I think it may partly be connected to the fact that since we moved, my bath time has been significantly reduced (and I used to do a lot of reading while taking a bubble bath). Our new place has a large bathtub and it’s even separate from the shower so I was really excited about it, until it became very disapointing. The drain stopper thing doesn’t work, it won’t close, so it’s difficult to fill the bathtub up. Jeremy felt really bad so he got out a plastic cup that I can put over the drain. Once the water covers the top of the cup it seals and won’t let the water – however you have to be very careful not to move the cup! And let’s be honest that’s just a little, I don’t know…on top of all that the water pressure kind of sucks so it takes forever to fill the tub up (and you can’t just wait for it to fill before you get in because you have to be sitting in there holding down that ridiculous cup!) and finally, as opposed to my last wonderful garden tub, this tub does not have sloped sides, it’s just straight backed, making it quite uncomfortable (on top of the fact that you are try desperately to avoid moving the cup!). Anyway, all that to say, I haven’t been getting a lot of reading done – oh and we also now have cable which may have something to do with it as well!

On to Generation Me. I thought this was a great book. Beth’s husband, Jason, recently reminded me through a facebook post of how annyoing it is when we tell me people that everyone needs to read a particular book, and I must say that is probably true (kind of like how recenlty someone told me I had to read the Twilight book or whatever – no, I have no desire to do so!). However, even thoug I don’t think everyone must read this book, I do think it would be helpful to a wide range of people. I feel like I learned a lot about myself, my friends, my parents, my co-workers, etc in this book. I have become more aware of the way I tend to think and to the way the older generation reacts. I think Dr. Twenge did an excellent job in both the writing and research of her book. It was interesting to read and had lots of etertaining examples of currently culture. I think my favorite part of the book though came in the end. So many books of a sociological nature spend their entire time studying the topic and then give the reader no where to go from there. Twenge devotes and entire chapter at the end focused on what to do now. She has sections for employers, parents, and those of us in Gen Me. It’s courageious to step out and say, hey, now that we know the problem, here are some suggestions on how to fix it; I don’t know everything, but here’s something. I think this book would have been so depressing if we got to the end and sat there with the qestion “what now?” and had no where to start. This was an excellent read and I would recommend it to anyone (although not everyone has to read it!).


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