Turkey Hash

I’m sorry about the awful picture! This is a recipe from Gourmet magazine that I hadn’t actually planned on making. However, when I went to make myself a late lunch today and looked at the different items in the refrigerator, I remembered seeing this recipe. So I went for it, although I made quite a few changes along the way. I used frozen hash browns since I didn’t have any fresh potatoes on hand. I used green onions, I used cayenne pepper to spice it up since I didn’t have any of the peppers in the recipe. I also topped it off with cheddar cheese! I went ahead and shredded the left over chicken thighs from the coq au vin I made the other day. It was very tasty! You can find this recipe here.


One thought on “Turkey Hash

  1. I’m making this recipe this week too! My mom brought a whole turkey this weekend and we have tons of leftover turkey and this recipe caught my eye along with the turkey chili in this recipe too! I’m glad to know that it turned out well!

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