Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’ve been baking this evening! I love to bake, and I’ve noticed mostly I like to bake in the evenings – just more evidence that I’m not a morning person! Anyway, on to the post – November’s Gourmet magazine is top notch! I love this magazine -reading it and cooking from it (in fact I don’t think I ever received October’s issue because of the move…oh well!). However, sometimes the recipes sound amazing, but not very realistic for me to attempt to make – expensive ingredients, a lot of work, etc…but this issue had a ton of recipes that I am dying to try! So tonight I worked on two of the recipes of my list from this month’s issue! I made the dough for some cookies, but it is currently in the refrigerator and will be cut into shapes later. The recipe that I did finish tonight was the Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins! When I saw this recipe I hoped that these would taste like chocolate chip waffles. I was not disapointed! I love chocolate chip waffles and that’s exactly what these muffins remind me of! They were super easy to make and they have three diferent kinds of chocolate (milk, semi-sweet, and bittersweet)! I think I’m going to be a big fan of this recipe. I also love that it only makes 12 muffins – the fewer the better when only two people live in your home. And really, since they are a little rich, I can only handle one at a time, so it’s not too tempting to eat too many!

This recipe, interestingly enough, is from the PAM Cooking Spray website! Sometimes Gourmet has recipes that feature a particular product, such was the case with this one. You can find the recipe for Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins here.


2 thoughts on “Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins

  1. Ellie,

    These muffins look amazing! Last week I was on a baking spree as well. This is the time of year when I love to bake as the weather gets a little bit cooler and the holidays begin! I wish I could be there with you to bake all the goodies!

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