Sewing Machines

Before I begin this post about a sewing machine, I just want to say that, yes, I have sewn recently! I just haven’t taken any pictures yet (maybe that will happen this weekend). I was looking back over my recent blog posts and noticed that there are no sewing projects represented – so sorry, they’ll come soon!

Anyway, since we moved, I know drive pasted JoAnn’s every day on my way home from work. I needed a few supplies for a project I’m getting ready to begin so I jumped on the website to see what was on sale. This machine is on sale right now for $199 (normally $250). I’m pretty sure this is the machine that I test drove at Maker Faire a couple weekends ago. Now, I have a Singer from the 1960’s and she’s a little trooper and I love her, but sometimes I wish for a little more. I didn’t really know what I was missing until I had a chance to sew on a machine from this century. My machine sews really well, but the new machine was so smooth – and the backstitch was a breeze compared to mine! I’m sure there are a lot of other cool things (like having more than 4 different stitching options). Anyway, I thought a lot about talking to Jeremy about possibly purchasing a new machine, but I think I’ve decided against it. I just don’t really need it. I don’t knwo that this is really the best deal. I have heard a lot of people say negative things about the more recent Singers, I haven’t done my research, but really, there’s no need for me to spend the money…but I almost did…oh well, just thought I’d share!


One thought on “Sewing Machines

  1. Yeah, I thought about it for awhile too. . . my machine is so quirky, it works some days and doesn’t on others. But I’m gonna stick it out. After sewing on the machine at Maker Faire, I definitely wanted the new singer machine. Talk about good marketing!

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