So one of the fun things we managed to do this weekend was carve our first pumpkin as husband and wife! I begged Jeremy to let us buy a pumpkin last weekend at the store, so picked out the best one we could find. On Saturday I brought it into the kitchen and covered our table in newspapers. Now, I have, in the past, had an aversion to carving pumpkins, but I began to think that maybe the aversion had more to do with my hands freezing as I tried to scrape out the inside of the pumpkin! Well, it turns out, I now live in Texas and it’s still 80 degrees outside in October! Not only that, I didn’t even have to scrape or carve the pumpkin! Jeremy came in with his manly knife wielding skills and scraped and carved the pumpkin for me! As Jeremy put the finishing touches on the pumpkin’s face, I began to separate out the seeds so that I could roast them! They turned out pretty great, although I really wish that I had read Simply Recipe’s blog post about toasted pumpkin seeds before I made them because I think boiling them first might have been a good idea…nonetheless I’ve been munching on them for the last couple of days.


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