Frittata Pan

Occassionally I get these e-mails from William-Sonoma that talk about their new cooking gadgets – I love these e-mails! Even if it’s something that I would probably never purchase myself! I actually saw this frittata pan when I was at their store a couple of weeks ago with my mom. I’m not really a big frittata fan, but I am Italian and have had a few in my day. I think this is pretty cool (and it matches my pots and pans!). They even have a video to show you how it works and a recipe. After watching the video, it makes me want to go make a frittata (although I think this special pan set would make it easier, it just doesn’t seem completely necessary – but fun nonetheless).

BTW – I can’t help but comment on my obsession with expensive cooking gadgets as the book I’m reading for book club – Generation Me talks about how our generation has switched out purchasing things like expensive jewlery and replaced it with items like cooking gadgets! Seriously, there are times when I’m reading that book and I just chuckle out loud because I can’t believe how much of it seems to point directly to me!


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