Maker Faire

I had so much fun at Maker Faire on Saturday! Amanda, Beth, and I had purchased tickets a while back and I’m not sure any of us really knew what Maker Faire would be like, but we knew there would be handmade goods, so we were there! There was a large section with handmade crafts and that was certainly my favorite part. We not only got to look through the booths but we also were able to actually make some things! At the Dremmel booth we made necklaces, we met a lady who was very passionate about using #6 plastic in place of shrinky dink (sp?) and we made some fun items there, and finally at the Singer booth we were able to make little lunch sacks. Here we are at the end of the day at the Singer booth! I was getting quite tired by this point and even more when I thought about all the work I had to do once I got home, but it was worth it!.

And here I am sewing my lunch bag. That’s my fake smile…I was a little frustrated at this point. I felt like my brain was not working, I couldn’t understand the instructions, I was sewing without an ironing board and pins! and I felt rushed because I knew people were waiting to use the machine! I wanted to somehow convince the nice lady that was helping me that I really did know how to sew, but I don’t think I was successful. Either way, it was fun to sew the lunch bags with the Michael Miller fabric! And sewing on that machine – wow…I love my Singer, but it is from the 1960’s so it can be a little rough at times, it sews great, but sewing on this new machine was like when you rent a car and realize that your old beater isn’t as smooth as you thought!

Anyway, so much fun and I hope to be there next year…maybe with a booth?! That would be fun!

For more pics and stories from the day, check out Beth’s blog or Amanda’s blog.


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