Etsy Find: Warm Me Up, Coffee Cup.

I think this print is perfect! As you may know, I drink tea pretty much all day (and an occassional cup of coffee). I do love tea and that is one of the reasons I drink it, but often the bigger reason I drink it is to keep warm. I’m constantly holding my mug in my hand or holding it against my cheak (I know that sounds weird, but I find myself doing it a lot) just to keep my little hands warm (and sometimes my face, apparently). She looks all chilly and cozy at the same time while drinking her cup of coffee! You can find this print at Charlie Motel’s Etsy Shop

Ok, I was looking through Charlie Motel’s shop a little more for this post and I came across this one! There you go, she has one for tea lovers too! Right now I’d love to be wearing that cute little pink blouse and sit on the floor with some cushions (and maybe a book) and drink my tea peacefully! I do tend to drink tea when I’m sad or in need of feeling cozy, so this print makes perfect sense for me!

She even has this print called Sally Likes to Sew! I must admit, I rarely look this calm and peaceful while I sew and unlike the cat in this picture, resting on the fabric, my dog at times feels a need to hide from me while a get more and more frustrated with my sewing! But really, I do love to sew!

There were even more that I wanted to post about, like this one, or this one or this one and more!

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