New curtains!

So a week ago Lindsey and I met up for dinner and then went over to Ikea. I picked out these curtains for our bedroom! I love them so much – they are perfect. It matches our bedding perfectly, which is amazing. The browns and even that grayish blue are in the stripes of our duvet cover! It’s ridiculous – and they aren’t even from the same store. The curtains really help the room out a lot too. It adds some life to the walls – especially since everything is white. Jeremy already said it is now his favorite room! I think it will really be great once we put some pictures and stuff on the walls. Now, I’ll admit, these curtains were a little more costly than I had originally planned, however, they are lined (which I thought was important for the bedroom) and I love them and plan on keeping them for quite some time, so I have justified the price!

On Sunday we returned to Ikea and purchased these curtains with green leaves on them for the living room. They only had one set, so we also got a set of solid green curtains. I really like these curtains and think they will look even better once we paint the wall behind them! They add a little life to our living room! We haven’t ever purchased curtains before (it just hasn’t seemed worth it in our apartments), but they really make a difference! We needed to get them for this new place (one because we were really not big fans of the pink curtains that were up everywhere, and two because a lot of light comes in and we really needed to try to cut down on that). So these were our first curtain purchases and I must say I am very pleased! Way to go Jeremy for putting all of them up last night!


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