Weekend Update

I think I’m falling into a pattern of doing a Weekend Update on Monday mornigs. I try not to be on the blog too much over the weekend because that part of the little bit of time I get with Jeremy, and honestly, weekends tend to be very busy for us. This weekend was certainly no exception!

Friday: Work, go back to the apartment, pack up the remaining items in the apartment – realize I’m strung out on caffeine and quite pre-menstrual and have a partial meltdown…

Saturday: Wake up earlier than planned and bug Jeremy until he decides to wake up. Quickly get ready to go and go eat breakfast with Jeremy before heading off to meet Amanda. Go to Maker Faire with Amanda and Beth (I’ll post about that later) while Jeremy and David move the rest of our stuff to the new house (ie some boxes, couch, mattresses, coffee tables, tv, washer, dryer – you get it, big stuff!). Make Faire was so much fun and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. I returned to our new home around 4:30 and began the unpacking process. That lasted for quite a while and we were all very tired, but it was very successfull – thanks Jeremy and David for all your hard work!

Sunday: I woke up when Jeremy left for church and made myself some breakfast at the new place. I’m starting to really like it and the extra space is great. I took my time in the morning and hung out with little Turner. It was so fun to wake up and it be chilly outside! Finally fall is on it’s way! I finally managed to get ready for church and Jeremy came and picked me up. After church we tried out a little Vietnamese restaurant and it was pretty good. Then on to an afternoon full of errands – Ikea for more curtains (I’ll post about these later this week), Lowes for a number of little items that we (well, Jeremy) needed to fix things up, and finally HEB to go grocery shopping (we hit Starbucks somewhere in there too!). Back to the house to spend the rest of the evening doing more unpacking, hangin curtains, fixing the shelves in the closet and drinking wine and eating cheese!

Even though it was a really busy weekend, I had a great time and felt like it was very productive. It’s amazing how fast things were unpacked!  The only really big thing left is hanging up all our pictures and wall decor and stuff…

I start a new class today. Maybe I’ll write more about that later. I’m not very excited about it and last night I learned that this professor has the weeks run Monday-Thursday so everything is due on Thursday! I think I liked the everything is due on Sunday night much better! We’ll see how it goes. But I think I can get throug it – it’s only 8 weeks, right?!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too and went to bed last night feeling as productive as I did!


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