Japanese Fabrics

I think these Japanese fabrics are so much fun! What cute little animals! Look at those colorful sheep! The sheep fabric is available here for $4.50 for a fat quarter (plus shipping), however it could be worth it if you are really in love with it!

So I love, love, love this sausage dog fabric! (Amanda, it makes me think of little Ellie – yes, Amanda has a dog that has the same name as me…and she’s not just called Ellie, her real name is Eleanor…and my real name is Eleanora! It’s always a little confusing when I’m visiting and Amanda tells Jeremy – her Jeremy – to put Ellie upstairs!) Anyway, these little dogs have such personality in their little faces and I think their little sweaters are so cute! Oh and you can find it for sale here. It’s $9/half yard…Japanese fabric is expensive! But so cute!

Ok, last one for today…you know how I like little birds! If you do too, then this one is available here. Like the sheep it is $4.50 for a fat quarter sized piece. If you click on the link and look closely you can see that the birds have little items in their mouths! And I love the occasional brown bird that is mixed in there! Ohhh how I love fabric!


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