No Picture…

It seems I have very little to post about here, mostly we can blame this on the moving process. I have no new recipes because I have nothing left in my kitchen to cook with…I have no sewing project progress because my sewing machine, supplies, and my kitchen table are all at the new place, I have no pictures in generaly because, although we kept the camera at our apartment, we left the camera cord at the new place….

No fears, we will be officially moved in by Saturday night! Of course, I’m not really helping all that much with the move on Saturday because I have a ticket to Maker Faire! I bought the ticket before I knew we were moving up the moving date, but I don’t think it will be a very big deal. There really isn’t that much more to move. So mostly this week we’ve been eating out and hanging out at home with our couch and our tv while sleep on our mattress that is resting on the ground. We did play a little Rockband last night – fun! And I have really been enjoying reading this month’s bookclub book – Generation Me. I am learning so much about myself and how I relate to other people – it is incredible! I think everyone should read this book! Not just those in our generation but those older than us to so that we can work at understanding each other better (plus, they made us this way!).

Anyway, that’s a little update from me. I did receive another yard of fabric in the mail last week for a special project…I’m hoping to start working on it as soon as I’m able to! I’ve given myselve a deadline, but I just don’t know if it will be possible – especially with school starting again next Monday!

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