So You Think You Can Dance?

There we are on Sunday night! Jason and Beth were awesome and bought me a ticket to the So You Think You Can Dance tour! I was so excited. I love watching that show and knew they were coming to Austin but hadn’t seriously considered going myself. I think it a lot of ways it was even better than I anticipated it being! The dancers are just amazing! I’m not going to lie, I was so tired and some of the lights were very bright, but I still enjoyed myself immensely. Above is a picture of us before going in to watch the show. And to the right we have a picture of us waiting for it all to begin, watching American Idol music videos and holding in our excitement! Jason was the official photographer for the evening and all of these pictures were taken by him, including the great shots of the stage (below). Like I said, the dancing was amazing. There were a couple of dances that I don’t remember seeing on the show so they must of been from the week or two that I missed. It’s awesome how great they are and how wonderful the choreography is! This experience will certainly make it hard to not want to watch it live again next year! And of course, they danced the favorites from the season, all of which were great! The not so great thing would be the talking in between the dancing – pretty cheesy and most of the dancers seemed very rehearsed, however most of the audience seemed to enjoy it. I think it was clear that we were not necessarily their target audience, but I enjoyed it anyway. Here are some pics from the evening (so sorry if I get names wrong, I’ll try my best!):

Mark and Courtney


Joshua (can you believe how high they jump!?)

“The Door” with Twitch and Katee (probably one of my favorites)

Mark and Chelsie

Twitchington again – beautiful

Joshua and Katee – probably one of my early favorites that I wrote about in this post.

I think there are more pics available here, but you might have to friends with Jason to view them, I don’t know.  Thanks so much Jason and Beth for such a fun night – what a treat!


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