Etsy Find: Lingerie Elastic

I saw this on Etsy the other day and have been thinking about purchasing it ever since (it’s really cheap, so I’m not sure why I haven’t already…oh wait, because I’ve been spending entirely too much money lately on sewing supplies and I haven’t sew in over two weeks!). Deranged Designs 916 has this black one and also some in red with a little different design. I have been thinking for a while about using some old t-shirts that are two small and making them into cute pairs of underwear (maybe with the front of the t-shirt on the butt!), anyway, I thought this elastic would be perfect! I actually have some underwear from VIcotria’s secret that uses an elastic alot like this around the waiste and leg holes. And really, you can’t beat 10 yards for $4! Or one yard for 49 cents! That’s it, next time I make an Etsy purchase, this will be in my shopping cart! (unless you beat me to it!)

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