My New Phone

Yay! We got new phones! Well, we went through another two years at AT&T so we got to upgrade our phones! I actually broke my last upgrade a few months ago and have been using my previous phone. This little cutie came in the mail on Wednesday. Jeremy picked them out for us (he has the same one in black). I think he just looked for one of the free ones that was pink for me – so cute. And it’s my first phone with a camera! I know, ridiculous, but this is the first time the free upgrade had a camera…I haven’t tried it out yet and I don’t even know if I will really use it, but I feel a little more with the times now! Anyway, I love it! My last pink phone was a very dark/bright pink, I kind of like that this one is a little softer.


One thought on “My New Phone

  1. I remember your other pink one…I liked it. This one is cute too! I just got a new phone, but it isn’t this pretty…mine is just plain black and silver, but it was free and that works for me too! 🙂

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