A Raisin in the Sun

I just finished reading this short play last week. Of all the plays we had to read for this English class this, A Raisin in the Sun, was the one that I enjoyed the most (and the only one I hadn’t read in high school). I had actually bought this book several years ago and planned on reading it, but it never happened…until now. Like all the other plays we read, it was pretty sad , but it actually had kind of a happy ending. My favorite aspect of this play was the depth of each of the characters. They are each clearly experiencing very deep struggles that deal with race, identity, poverty, manhood, marriage, love, motherhood, etc…I felt like the begining was a little slow but near the middle to the end it really held my interest. It’s a good read!

Just a little school update…I took my final on Saturday! I’m still waiting for my grade for the last paper that I wrote…but hopefully it will mean an A in the class!


2 thoughts on “A Raisin in the Sun

  1. I think this was an Oprah TV Special — like one of those Sunday night movies that are sponsored by her company…similar to a Hallmark movie…anyways, I remember watching some of it, but didn’t realize that it was a play. Maybe I am totally confusing it with something else, too. Who knows? 🙂 I hope you get an A too — from the sound of the grading situation, I am sure you will!

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