Weekend update with Ellie Kirkland

A little weekend update for you. Weekend Update is one of my favorite ‘sketches’ on SNL). Well, Friday night Jeremy and I finally had some time to hang out together and we went over to the ‘new’ Kerbey Lane location (it had moved to a new one in NW Austin). We enjoyed our food very much. I love how fresh everything is there and there’s nothing like eating yummy pancakes for dinner! We thought it would be fun to go rent a movie so we headed over to our local Blockbuster only to find that it was going out of business! All DVDs for under $3.50! We left with seasons 8 and 9 of Friends!

Saturday…ah to be done with school! I took my final on Saturday morning while eating French toast in my pajamas! Spent the morning watching Friends while cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. Jeremy came home and we spent the afternoon running errands – groceries, birthday presents, picking up cables and keys, etc…Later that night Jeremy went to hang out with some friends and I pulled out the sewing. I started working on  purse that wasn’t supposed to take very long, but I was taking my time and then I went to put my magnetic snap in and realized I needed some plyers… so I moved on to something else and then Jeremy came home so my sewing time ended (although it’s still all over the kitchen table).

Yesterday felt like such a long day! Jeremy has to be at church by 7:40 so we got up and headed over to church, me with my travel mug of Starbucks in tow. Since I haven’t been able to get involved in ministry yet because I had been doing schoolwork on Sunday mornings, I don’t have a lot to do waiting for the 11:00 service to start, so I read in the car and worked on finishing my John Grishan novel, The Rainmaker. After church went grabbed some lunch and went home for a short rest before loading up the truck with our first load to take to our new home. We quickly returned home to take showers and leave for Jeremy’s brother’s 8th birthday party.

Jeremy’s parents had rented this company that has a big RV type vehicle that is filled with tvs and video games and then the outside has two flaps that open up to reveal big screeened tvs and Wiis…Jeremy and I played guitar hero for the first time…loved it…went out and bought Rock Band that night…it’s rather addicting. We spent our two hours there with the kiddos and then headed to ZTejas for David’s 25th birthday, yummy dinner, followed by drinks at Hayashi and later Rock band at the apartment.

What went wrong for me? Well, I wasn’t realling in the drinking mood so when we got to Hayashi I ordered a pot of hot tea. I asked for decaf and he told me they only had green tea. Was I wrong to think all green tea is decaf? I don’t know but whatever I had was not decaf! I drank four cups…I was up so late and when I finally did fall asleep I woke up constantly and then got up this morning and am still so jittery! Yuck! Can green tea be caffeneited or was my waiter just getting back at me for not ordering alcohol?


2 thoughts on “Weekend update with Ellie Kirkland

  1. Wow what a weekend! Green tea is caffeinated. . . it varies by the type and how long you steep the tea. . . I think herbal teas are the only teas that aren’t caffeinated because they aren’t really tea at all, just herbs! I’m sorry to hear that it kept you up all night – I hate nights like that.

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