Etsy Find: PJ Pattern

This vintage 1967 pattern is for sale on Etsy for just $6! You can find it at Rock That Frock. I haven’t actually purchased a vintage pattern yet, although Amanda and I did look for them while at the City-Wide Garage sale a couple of weeksa go. I think these nightgowns are great. I’m kind of in to that style right now (although I really only own one shirt in this style, but still!). I thought about purchasing it myself, but the pattern sizing now has me quite intimidated. It says it’s a size 14, but it says the bust is a 34…and I’m not sure what the bust is measuring…I’ve gotten myself in trouble before thinking my bust measurement was a 34 just because that’s my bra size, but turns out that’s not the case on sewing patterns. However, I don’t see how this could be a size 14 and still measure a 34 across the chest! I just don’t know, but I still think the style is really cute! I’m sure I could find a current pattern similar to this considering this style is coming back.


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