Waffles and bacon

Again I am pictureless. I’m sorry…I’m a slacker…I’m feeling quite unmotivated lately! Jeremy had a work meeting on Tuesday night and then rehearsal on Wednesday night. So I didn’t cook dinner either night. Instead i decided to try something I remember my mom doing for us when we were little. She would make us waffles and put strips of cooked bacon into the batter and pour more batter on the top and then there would be bacon hidden in the waffles! I know this probably sounds weird, but put a little butter and syrup on it and it is so good! I thought about this because I recently saw a blog post where a mom did this with pancakes for her kids! So try it out!


One thought on “Waffles and bacon

  1. I love bacon and maple syrup so I’m pretty sure I would love this! It reminds me a bit of the maple sugar bacon donut we had in Portland. 🙂

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