Etsy Finds: Aprons!

So ever since I started sewing again, I’ve had a thing for aprons. It was the first thing I made when I came back to sewing and I have made several since. I ran across Mom Made It’s Etsy shop the other day and fell in love with her aprons! I think this style is super cute and she uses beautiful fabric! I really might have to attempt to use this as an inspiration to make another apron. Most of the aprons I have made up to this point have been half aprons and the reality is that when I’m cooking, a full apron is really the way to go. This particular apron has already sold, but I just loved the colors. The one below is still for sale and she has several others in different colors and styles for you to choose from. This particular style is selling for $32.50 with $3.75 shipping to the US. I actually don’t think this is really a bad deal. Not just because it’s so cute, but because she’s using designer fabric, which is expensive in itself. I think the cost of the fabric along with the time that it takes to make it, and the percent that Etsy takes from sold items, this is actually a pretty good deal. Now, I’m not actually allowed to purchase aprons because I feel like it’s something I should just make myself, but if I were to purchase one, I think it would be from this shop! I’m so in love with these! And look at those big pockets and the lovely rick rack! It makes me want to go sew right now!

*I just found out that 5 of the apron patterns included in the book A is for Aprons are from Mom Made It! So maybe this one is in there…I have thought about purchasing this book several times, but have refrained, but if this pattern is in there, I might have to buy it!


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