Etsy Find: Holiday Advent Calendar

Ok, so I have a thing for advent calendars! When we were growing up we had this thing called “pockets”. It was a wall hanging that had a pocket for every day of December. My mom had made it for us and sewing little felt figures onto every pocket. Every day in December we would check the pocket in the morning. Sometimes there would be a little gift, or there would be an activity that we would do that day (set up the manager, get the Christmas tree, make gifts for a friend, etc). And there were always a couple of treasure hunts. My mom loved to make the treasure hunts! All the clues would rhyme! The treasure hunt would always be on Christmas day when we would find our stockings, but there would normally be some before. I think I remember we always did a treasure hunt for our Christmas book (we got a new Christmas book every year). Anyway, such fun memories. So whenI saw this at Scrapcolors’ Etsy shop I was very excited, however it’s already been sold – sad.


3 thoughts on “Etsy Find: Holiday Advent Calendar

  1. So cute! One year we had a chocolate Advent calendar that a friend’s family had brought back from Germany. That may have been my favorite Christmas ever!

    I love sweet memories like that. 🙂

  2. My mother was very “crafty” and made an advent calendar for us when we were young and instead of candy or presents she would put a fun activity inside of the little pockets. Our tree was always decorated with hand made decorations, so most of the activities involved making the decorations.

    I am not the least bit crafty, so I purchased a wooden advent calendar from I still put family activities in the little doors, but ours usually involve making Christmas colored popcorn and watching a holiday movie.

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