Fabric in the mail!

It’s finally here! (Yes, often I have my purchases shipped to my work address 1.)so I don’t have to go over to my apartment office to get it and 2) because it’s just something happy to get while at work!) I have been waiting and waiting for this fabric to arrive. I first saw it on someone’s blog and loved it! I finally searched for it on Etsy and only one seller had it available! This is part of Heather Ross’ Lightning Bugs line that she did for Free Spirit. I had heard that this fabric is no longer in print, so I definitely ended up paying more for it than I normally would any other fabric, but I love this so much! For those of you who don’t know, I lived in Mexico for a while and for public transportation they use these VW vans. They call them Colmbies (that’s obviously not how it’s spelled, but that way you know how it sounds). Jeremy always makes fun of my when I see them because that’s what I call them! Anyway, I could pass up this fabric. It also comes in blue, but that wasn’t available (probably a good thing!). Anyway, I love it and am so excited about it! I was only able to purchase a half yard, so I’m filtering through a couple of ideas of how I’m going to use it! There is also an additional line called Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries that has some more super cute fabrics! I especially love the fish! Check it out!


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