Books I bought this weekend and more reading news!

So, on Saturday we went over to my in-laws house to help them out for a couple of hours. Recently they have decided to move to Chicago and almost as soon as they made that decision one of their upstairs toilets overflowed and made a huge mess! Not just upstairs, but downstairs as well. Sadly, they had some beautiful hardwood floors in their office that had to be completely ripped out! Anyway, they had to live in a hotel for a week (I can’t imagine trying to do that with 4 kids!) and just recently were able to get back into their home – although painting and recarepeting are still being done. So in the midst of this homeowner chaos, they are also starting to pack! We went over to help move some furniture around and go through some stuff. I don’t feel like we did very much, but it made a difference in their bedroom at least. One of the things we did was go through some boxes of books and I offered to take them to Half Price Books and sell them. So on Sunday, that’s what we did! We had to wait for an hour before our name got called, but it was actually worth it! $22 – a lot better than the $6 I got last time. And of course, while there I purchased 3 new books of my own (totally on $4!). I picked up Cold Mountain. I’ve never seen the movie, but it won a lot of awards, so I thought I’d get the book and read it!

I also picked up Memoirs of a Geisha. I watched this movie about two years ago. I really enjoyed it, but some people stopped by unexpectedly at the end and pretty much ruined the end of the movie for me – talking, asking questions, make fun of it, etc…I know it’s been two years I should just get over it! Anyway, I thought I might like to read the book (and for a $1 I think it was worth it!)

Lastly I purchased a copy of Sherlock Holmes. I have been looking for a good priced copy of some of the first books in the line of Sherlock Holmes for a couple of weeks now and was excited to get this one for just $1.98! Sadly the print is really tiny, but I’ll just have to make it work! I like mysteries like this (and one of my favorite Disney movies was the Great Mouse Detective), and not to mention there is a huge following and I have been wanting to read these books. Now, who knows when I’ll have time. My piles of books are multiplying! Of course, I have about 2 more hours of reading to finish Hamlet, and then I’m almost done with my reading for my current class (I think I also need to read Raisin in the Sun next week, but I’m not sure), but once those are all finished, I’ll have more time for my own reading. Of course, I’m supposed to have The Shack read before Friday, but since I can’t make it to book club, I don’t know if it will happen until next week, but I definitely want to read it before I start October’s book, which reminds me, I think I need to order it online (I haven’t been able to find it at the bookstore). Anyway…sigh….I love reading!


3 thoughts on “Books I bought this weekend and more reading news!

  1. No joke! My pile keeps growing. . . I’m trying to get through them but it grows faster than I can read!

    You’ll love the Memoirs of a Geisha book – it is fantastic and so beautiful. Much like the movie, but of course, better because it’s a book. . . I love that culture. 🙂

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