How About Orange liked to this fun little item yesterday and I tried it…for fun! Go here to check it out for yourself. Mine reads, “YOU have a strong presence that is felt by others. When you walk into a room, people know it. You are often seen as an authority because of your persona and your confident manner. Although you have a gift for making people laugh, you are not as lighthearted as you may seem. Your personal color helps you handl ethe challenges taht come your way with more ease and optismis. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Laurel Green helps keep your heart open and dissolves any urge to be defensive or sarcastic.” What do you think? Good descriptoin of me? I certainly have the urge to be defensive and sarcastic! Although I’m not sure Laurel Green will help with that! (I certainly won’t be wearing that color – not good for my skin tone!)


5 thoughts on “Colorstrology

  1. I did this too and was going to post about it! LOL I liked your description…I always think things like this are interesting even though I don’t give much thought overall — but fun to just see what it says. I am, however, surprised when they are somewhat accurate — it can be kind of eery.

  2. A – I can be kind of weird when these things are accurate, but sometimes they are way off. Like I thought mine was pretty accurate, but I looked up Jeremy’s b-day and my brother’s b-day and I didn’t think they described them at all! Maybe it’s more for women…

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