Ikea Finds

Well, this post should have been for last week…but I’ve was trying to find pictures on the Ikea website for my favorite purchase! My parents came over last weekend and had breakfast with Jeremy and me – so fun. They were planning on going over to Ikea so we thought we’d go too! We only purchased 4 things…and found fabric for curtains that I need to go back and get (I didn’t have the window measurements on me at the time). We got this table runner…we only have one table runner that fits are table and although I love it, it’s been like 2 years and I was ready for something new. We picked up this little baby for $7.99. It’s a little short for the table but still looks fine and I like the fun colors! We have an orange candle that we have moved to the middle of the table and it really brings out the orange stripe in the runner.

We picked up this print. Jeremy and I saw it at the same time and we both liked it…it’ just looks so peaceful. So we decided to get it and frame it after we move. It was only $10. I’m not sure where we are going to put it…but we’ll find a place. I just want to put on jeans and a hoodie and take a cup of tea and a good book and sit out on that dock!

I know this will probably seem silly to most of you, but I got this strainer. It’s one of those things that you know you’ve needed for a while (and you just try to make due when you need one), but you always forget to purchase…so there you go, my strainer. I’ve already used it once! I love how it can sit on a bowl too! It makes it so convenient.

Unfortunately the thing I was most excited about…I can’t find a picture of on the Ikea website (and I obviously haven’t taken a picture of them – mostly because I had them in the dishwasher). I bought another set of 6 glasses. They are so cute! They actually match the table runner perfectly – greens and oranges. One has an orange design on it, another has some cute green bugs, and I can’t remember what the third design is, but they are really fun. I bought a set of six from there a while ago that had black dots on them, but someone in our home keeps breaking our glasses so it’s good to be able to stock up for so cheap! Maybe some day I’ll get a picture of them!


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