The Basic Fashion Wardrobe

I read a lot of craft blogs. Mostly this is for inspiration as I am often in desperate need of it. A lot of the blogs I read are to your right, but some of them that I just started reading, I have only added to my Google Reader. The Small Stuff: Celebrating the Little Things of Life is a blog that I just recently started reading. Today she posted about some gifts she had received in the mail and one of them was a vintage sewing book. Click here to visit here blog post for more pictures. The one thing that I thought was quite entertaining was reading through this list of items necessary to your wardrobe…click on the picture to make it bigger and then read through it…it’s great! I’m not sure how you would plan on sewing your own panty-hose…it was certainly fun to read through this list…I also love that you are required to have an all-purpose pastel pair of pajamas – must they be pastel? Apparently! But don’t worry because you should also have one “wilder-than-wild” print set!


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