Puffed Oven Pancake

This picture really doesn’t do this amazing ‘pancake’ justice. I written about this recipe several times and it’s just so good! I’ve heard it’s also called a German pancake. Here is the recipe I used from Better Homes and Gardens. The link to the recipe has an apple topping that my recipe didn’t have. You could put whipped cream and fresh berries on it…yum! I just used butter and jam because that’s what I had. I’m pretty sure this recipe is supposed to feed more than one, but both times I’ve made it, I’ve eaten the whole thing by myself! It’s so good! You have to try it! It’s also really easy. Making the batter is fast but then you have to wait for it to cook for 25 minutes, but I figure during that time you can make yourself a cup of coffee, make homemade whipped cream, cut up your berries, etc…Enjoy!


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