granola bars and juice boxes

So this morning as I was leaving my apartment complex there was a man standing by the gate. I was running a little late so I just gave him the fake smile and the head nod and tried to pass by but he started waving like a mad man and held out a small paper bag. At first I thought it was just our apartment complex giving out the free breakfast (which I didn’t eat last time so I didn’t want to get it again and waste it), but he looked desperate so I stopped. He told me he was with State Farm and they wanted to give me a free breakfast…oh yeah, and get me to switch to their insurance. He thrusts a tiny tape recorder in my face and asks for my name and number so he can call and talk to me about how much money I can save. I told him I was happy with my insurance and he continued to pressure me. So finally I just told him my husband handles that he he’ll have to speak with him (which is true), so I left him with me telling me that his card was in my ‘breakfast’ sack. I get to work and peak in the sack…a cheap granola bar and a juice box – SERIOUSLY? You think I’m going to switch insurance because you gave me a granola bar and a tiny juice box? I’m not five and getting ready to lay down for a nap in my kindergarten class! Not mention why would I even think about going through the hassle of switching insurance and comparing prices, blah, blah, blah, because you gave me a granola bar and a juice box at 7 in the morning when I was running late for work? I thought this was a dumb recruiting device. I mean if you’re going to do it, do it well, don’t do something dumb that’s going to annoy me so much that I write a blog about it! (I am aware of the fact that weird things annoy me more than they should…). Needless to say, we’ll be staying with our current insurance company, whose commercials alone make me happy that we are with them and not be switching to the cheap and seemingly desperate State Farm…


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