Mix Tape

This week I received my first issue of Mix Tape Zine. It’s been very enjoyable to read so far. It’s a little zine from Australia. You can order it on their website. I think it’s like $6. It includes lots of articles, mostly centering around people that are artsy and green. It’s claim is that it’s “the zine about making time for the small things”. I think it’s kind of cool that the whole thing is printed on recycled paper, except the cover. So with every issue they print, they plant a tree! I put all the blogs from those that sent in submissions in my Google Reader to check them out. I’m a little over half way done reading it. Some of the items in this issue: Sunny Buick Interview, Lowdown on Lino, 10 ways to green your kids birthday, Book reviews, Crafty Lady Profile “Claire” aka loobylu, etc… Fun stuff! I might end up ordering the back issues as well! It would be something fun to write a short article for but I’m not sure what I would write about!


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