Conditioner and why I might not like peppermint anymore…

Well, I had run out of conditioner and decided to try something new when I was at the store this week. Jeremy was helping me pick something out and I decided to try Organix’s Teatree Mint conditioner. Now I’ve only been using it a few days and it does seem to work well on my hair. Although I’ve only had my hair curly since I started to use it so the real test will be when I try it on a day that I take the time to straighten my hair. Anyway, it seems to be working well, however, there is a problem. In the store the smell of peppermint was great. I thought it would be wonderful to wake up in the morning while showering with such an uplifting and energizing smell…turns out it’s not. It smells like I’m putting a candy cane on my head, not just the peppermint but it smells like sugar! The texture is also kind of weird, but I think that has to do with all the natural oils and milk that are in it. I may try this brand again, but I probably won’t reach for the peppermint. I hope I can get through the next couple months with this…it kind of makes my stomach upset when I smell – it’s that sweet and I also worry that the peppermint smell might clash with the smell of other hair products or even my perfume (if anyone gets that close to my hair!).


One thought on “Conditioner and why I might not like peppermint anymore…

  1. So sad that it smells like sugary mint. I love the way mint smells – seems like it would be a ‘spa like’ fragrance. This looks like a great line of shampoos/conditioners – I may have to check this out at some point. Was it pricey? Have you checked to see if there are parabens in the ingredient list? I can’t find the ingredients on the website. . .

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