So today I’ve been sharing about my weekend and I’m just going to keep going. Sunday was my first official day to start going to HCBC PF for church. It was a pretty good one. Jeremy has to be there at 7:45 and it’s just not worth it to drive separately right now because it’s still a good 20 minutes away. So I went with him and parked myself in one of the offices until 11 am. I got three solid hours of school work done. Some were spent reading stories that I didn’t really like and answering questions about them but the last hour I spent reading Jane Eyre! I picked Jane Eyre as my book to do my research paper on at the end of the class, so I started to read it. I picked this mostly because I had read so much about it when I was reading The Thirteenth Tale and didn’t know why I hadn’t read it before. I was kind of surprised at how long it was when I bought it on Friday night, but when I started reading on Sunday, I knew I was going to love it and that it would be a relatively easy read! So now, I actually have some school work that I can look forward to!

Jeremy did a great job on Sunday and I got lots of compiments on how great it sounded! Bobby Pruitt was preaching on marriage (he was also the pastor that performed our wedding ceremony). He did such a great job and it was really encouraging and uplifting. He talked a little about the book His Needs Her Needs and it made me think maybe we should read it…He also showed a very humorous video but it would be hard to explain in a blog.

Jeremy’s family came to church that day so we went out to eat with them after church and had an enjoyable time. Then Jeremy and I went to Target to buy our groceries with the gift cards he had won. We really didn’t have very many groceries to buy…but we made the mistake of leaving the grocery area and entering into the other parts of Target – the dangerous parts! We ended up spending more than we should have! We went home and I fell asleep for a little bit. Jeremy went to hang out with some friends and I decided to reward myself for my studying that morning by sewing last night! I have really been missing sewing lately. So I decided to take on a little project (one I thought I could finish in one night – I didn’t). I began to make a potholder from Amy Butler’s In Stitches with the scraps from one of my previous aprons. It was going fine until I realized I didn’t have any masking tape to help me make straight quilting lines. So I went back to Target to get it. Then I went home and sewed my first line and my bobbin thread ran out and it took me forever to pull out all that thread for some reason. Then I went back to sewing the lines and for some reason that took much longer than I anticipated. When my thread came out of the needle I finally called it quites, I guess I’ll finish it next weekend!

You’d think that was the end, but the next part was the best of my weekend. Jeremy got home around 9:30 and I was pretty much ready to go to bed, but then we stayed up talking until 11:15! It was so great to just sit and talk about good stuff, not just ‘how was your day?’ We had a great talk about the sermon from earlier that morning and then we sat on our patio and just talked about how thankful we are for each other and our marriage and how we so feel like we don’t deserve it…it was so nice…I love times like that!

4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Ugh the potholders. I thought they would be a quick project too but they broke my sewing machine! I didn’t have masking tape either – I used painters tape that I cut down to be 1″ wide. Annoying.

    I’m so glad that you and Jeremy had that good time together. It seems to happen less and less frequently for me and Jason these days. And then, one day, we’ll have one of those awesome days of discussion. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear Jane Eyre is good – maybe I’ll borrow it from you at some point!

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