patio time

So this is where we sometimes hang out in the evenings…on our patio. I know the chairs look old and worn, but to be honest, they are so comfortable! I think they will have to literally fall apart before we can get rid of them and get some chairs that look nice on the patio! You can see our lovely mint plant there sitting on top of a little table. Actually it’s not a table, it’s one of those old fashioned, I don’t know what you call them, but pretty much it used to be a toilet. I think it’s kind of gross but Jeremy has had it forever and refuses to get rid of it! And the cross sitting there is one his grandmother gave us but we don’t really like it so it has found a place, not on our wall, but setting there on the table…

One thought on “patio time

  1. I soooo miss my old apartment patio…I loved to sit outside and drink tea and read. We don’t have any patio furniture in our backyard b/c we have pecan tress that drop so much crap that it would just make everything dirty. I am trying to convince my brother-in-law to build me a covered patio…that would be great!

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