So this was me last night. (Sorry the picture is a bit dark, it was night time though). It seems when I go to do my school I find a million different little things to do instead – water the plants, wash the dishes, take pictures for my blog, etc… but this is where I study in my apartment. I set up the laptop, make myself a pot of tea. I know that carafe isn’t a tea pot, but I don’t have a proper tea pot. I have a kettle on the stove, but I only put water in it and the carafe keeps the tea warm for a super long time! Next to the carafe you’ll spot my little tea cup. I got little cups and saucers that match my dishes and I think pretty much the only time I use them is when I drink tea by myself…I might need to pull them out for bookclub this month! So there its…waiting for me to sit down and work! It only took me a little while longer after this picture before I sat down to buckle down!


2 thoughts on “Studying

  1. I think we should drink tea for book club!

    Sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind going back to the life of long study hours and no work. How are you liking your school stuff so far?

  2. I agree…we haven’t had tea at book club since the very first one at my house! Tea and cookies…yum!

    Your post makes me miss school and yet makes me not miss school all at the same time! I love the learning and the interaction, but I don’t like all the homework and papers, etc.

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