This is a picture of one of my basil plants. I planted this one last year and did not expect to see it again this year! Jeremy had pulled it out and planted some flowers in the same pot and apparently used some of the same soil because this has grown up in the pot and taken over the flowers (I don’t think they have much time left). I’m pretty sure this is doing better than it did last year when it was planted on purpose! I even think it might be doing a little better than the basil I planted this year in a pot all by itself!

Here’s this year’s basil. It’s a different kind than last year’s and this one more closely resembles the fresh basil that I find at the grocery store. As you can see it’s started to bloom a bit. What to do with all this basil? Well, I love pesto so I’m thinking I’ll make some of that – yum! And also my Fish Without A Doubt book has a recipe for basil oil that I think I might try out! I just have to make sure I’m going to use it. The pesto I can freeze, but I’m not sure how long the oil will last and I don’t want to waste it! I’ll update you on how all that goes once I get a chance to try it out!


4 thoughts on “basil

  1. Jason, our basil is doing fine! Not as good as last year but still fine!

    Ellie, what variety is that top kind of basil? I never seen basil with serrated leaves like that! I think the bottom one is sweet Italian basil, which is the kind I have in my herb garden.

  2. I can’t remember what kind the top one is. I got it two years ago at a nursery her ein Austin and it was the only basil they had. It smells like basil but it definitely has a different look and tecture…I looked at some basil sites to see if I could figure it out…it has purple flowers when it blooms so that kind of narrows it down, but none of the names really look familiar…oh well!

  3. I just learned this week then whenever your basil blooms you are suppose to cut it back a few nodes in order to encourage further growth or something. THat might be why I’ve never suceeded well with basil in the past!

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