Last night’s fish

Well, last night I made the Broiled Fish with Chile-Cilantro compound butter. It was great! And so simple. I had made the butter ahead of time (but it didn’t take more than 15 minutes at the very most) and I just put the butter on the fillets and put them in the oven to broil…they were done literally 3 minutes later! Awesome and it really tasted great!

The only changes I made to the recipe was that I used a habanero instead of a serrano since you can’t get those right now (and the store I was at was out of jalapenos – dumb). I really like the taste of the habanero though. It was a tad spicy, but not too bad at all. Also when it said I could add additional salt, I didn’t. I generally don’t. If it says add salt to taste I generally don’t add any and if the final product is finished and it seems like it needs a little salt then I just let Jeremy add it himself…we really try to be careful when it comes to our sodium intake (which means eating anything pre-packaged pretty much out of the question and I’m really trying to make that transition. Where this is especially difficult is with rice. I love Rice-o-Roni and items like that but they are very salty and the low-sodium ones don’t taste very good. So last night I just made a pot of organic wild rice mixture and we just put a little salt and pepper on it).

Anyway, great recipe from a great book. If you would like the specifics for the compound butter, let me know and I’ll get it to you.


One thought on “Last night’s fish

  1. Yum – sounds good! I have a Gorgonzola compound butter sitting in my fridge right now. I need to use that stuff up. Sounds like a steak dinner is in my future. 🙂

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